Episode 7: From Boston to P-Town 2008 (6:14 mins.)

Billed as one of the best ways to kick off your summer vacation, the annual one-day Boston to Provincetown bicycle ride (June 21) has been attracting a lot of people over the years, including a number of Out and Out members. Radio Out and Out met with Cheryl and Hollie who both took part in last year’s event and plan on going again this year.

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Episode 6: Upcoming Tour of a Spectacular Vaudeville Venue (9:00 mins.)

The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre is the last operating double-decker theatre in the world. It’s also a link to Toronto’s rich theatrical past. The Elgin is opulent and sophisticated, but it’s the Winter Garden, seven stories above that steals the show. Radio Out and Out met with Tony King, President of the Centre’s Volunteer Executive Committee who gave us wonderful insight into one of the city’s hidden treasures. There’s also info on an upcoming tour of the venue with Out and Out members on May 10, ’08. Continue reading

Episode 5: 2008 Spring Tonic for Club Cyclists (8:48 mins.)

In anticipation of the warmer weather, Radio Out and Out went to Toronto’s Urbane Cyclist on John Street and asked Reba about the latest trends in cycling. As an added bonus, she even offered a few tips on where to go for long-haul bike excursions and details about an upcoming workshop for club members – the Bike Spring Tune Up on April 22, ’08.

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Episode 4: Live From The Amazing Race 2007 (8:57 mins.)

Trying to create an audio podcast about this event proved quite an enjoyable challenge. The race involved dozens of people in teams of two or three, criss-crossing the city by foot and by transit, all trying to outdo each other both in terms of speed and mental agility. Along the way, some people lost their bearings, their wallet, a team member, or worse – their moral compass. It all proved highly entertaining. So if you’re about to listen to this podcast, just do what we did: lace up your runners, and go along for the ride. To listen to Episode 4: http://www.outandout.on.ca/downloads/audio/RadioOutandOut_Ep4.mp3

Episode 3: AGM to Highlight Sustainability and Diversity (7:00 mins.)

With plenty of entertainment, a special guest speaker and, of course – the lowdown on what it takes to run a great club like the Out and Out – the AGM is one event members really can’t afford to miss. Radio Out and Out met with President Steve Lough to talk about key issues surrounding the club, elements that will be front and centre at this year’s Annual General Meeting. This year’s AGM will be held on Thursday, November 8 ’07. http://www.outandout.on.ca/downloads/audio/RadioOutandOut_Ep3.mp3

Episode 2: Halloweek, Toronto’s Latest Tourism Initiative (7:57 mins.)

Thanks to key government, business and community partners – including the Out and Out Club – the BIA wants Church and Wellesley to become THE destination of choice for both locals and tourists as it celebrates the newly created “Halloweek”. The event runs from October 24th to the 31, 2007.


Episode 1: Postcards from Jamboree 2007 (7:00 mins.)

It’s been described as the club’s signature event, attracting more than 200 people every year. Radio Out and Out went on site to Camp Timberlane, located in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands north of Toronto to get insight into what makes Jamboree so appealing.

TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 1:  http://www.outandout.on.ca/downloads/audio/RadioOutandOut_Ep1.mp3