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Episode 11: Upcoming Trip to The Amazon Jungle (6:49 mins.)


If you love nature, camping, hiking and exploring, this may well be the trip for you. Writer and tour guide Randy Smith — who for 14 years lived and worked in the Amazon — wants to introduce you to a whole new world. From indigenous cultures to a spectacular array of flora and fauna, this adventure to Ecuador’s Amazon jungle may well be the trip of a lifetime.

Randy Smith and friends in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Randy Smith and friends in the Ecuadorian Amazon

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Episode 1: Postcards from Jamboree 2007 (7:00 mins.)

It’s been described as the club’s signature event, attracting more than 200 people every year. Radio Out and Out went on site to Camp Timberlane, located in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands north of Toronto to get insight into what makes Jamboree so appealing.