Episode 14: Vanity Fair Portraits at the Royal Ontario Museum (10:54 mins.)

Vanity Fair Portraits at the Royal Ontario Museum brings together almost 150 iconic photographs from the magazine’s vintage and modern periods. Both fans of photography and celebrity buffs will enjoy a glamorous history of portraiture that feature such luminaries as Tom Cruise, Madonna, Ernest Hemingway and Cary Grant along with works by master photographers that include Edward Steichen and today’s Annie Leibovitz.

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Episode 13: The Toronto-Niagara Bike Train Initiative (7:11 mins.)


The Toronto-Niagara Bike Train is more than just a way for people to travel to one of Canada’s most popular visitor destinations. It’s become a sustainable tourism and transportation initiative that’s growing in leaps and bounds and is now offering new products and tours that will keep locals, international tourists and of course, bike enthusiasts cycling all over Ontario.

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Episode 12: Upcoming Inside Out Toronto Film and Video Festival 2009 (8:30 mins.)

The Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival has presented the best of world queer cinema for the last 19 years. The tag line says it all: Love! Drama! Sex! Politics!

Radio Out and Out met with the festival’s Director of Programming Jason St-Laurent who gave us insight into the festival’s unique personality and also what to expect for the 2009 edition. Continue reading

Episode 11: Upcoming Trip to The Amazon Jungle (6:49 mins.)


If you love nature, camping, hiking and exploring, this may well be the trip for you. Writer and tour guide Randy Smith — who for 14 years lived and worked in the Amazon — wants to introduce you to a whole new world. From indigenous cultures to a spectacular array of flora and fauna, this adventure to Ecuador’s Amazon jungle may well be the trip of a lifetime.

Randy Smith and friends in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Randy Smith and friends in the Ecuadorian Amazon

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Episode 10: Frank Gehry’s AGO Soon To Be Unveiled (10:11 mins.)

cropped-north-facade.jpgThe Art Gallery of Ontario’s transformation is almost complete, and insiders promise it will be impressive. Linda Milrod, who is both Senior Project Manager Program & Design and Installation Director for the AGO spoke to Radio Out and Out about what people can expect when the gallery re-opens on November 14, ’08.  She also provides unique insight into why Frank Gehry was chosen as architect and details of his long-time relationship with Toronto.

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry, Architect

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Episode 9: Upcoming Mansfield Fall Retreat and Arts Weekend ’08 (6:37 mins.)

Great programming, fall colours and a chance to get “out-of-town” for the weekend make this annual Out and Out Club event one of the more popular of the season. It features a host of indoor and outdoor activities – with all events run by the attendees. So if you’re coming to Mansfield or thinking about it, have a listen to Joel Rotstein who, along with Frank Chester have been running the Mansfield weekend for the last 14 years. Continue reading

Episode 8: Club Has Big Plans for Pride 2008 (10:02 mins.)

The Out and Out Club wants its members to have a blast at this year’s Pride festivities. And if three very resourceful volunteers have anything to do with it, the Out and Out club is sure to make a splash. Radio Out and Out met with the team that’s spearheading the club’s participation at this year’s celebrations. This podcast isn’t just a sneak peak at Pride festivities – it’s a “how-to” for all club members and a chance to be part of the action. Continue reading